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Etan Home Construction is a trusted construction partner fulfilling your sky-high concrete aspirations by offering premium concrete services in Calabasas CA. We strive to provide excellent services because of our passion for craft and dedication to perfection. We specialize in various construction services, from block wall construction and stamped concrete installation to driveway and retaining wall construction. Calabasas, known for its picturesque landscapes and hilly terrain, often demands expert concrete services to combat erosion, create functional spaces, and enhance property value. 

As a reliable provider of concrete services in Calabasas, we step in to keep your projects intact in the long run. At Etan Home Construction, we understand that quality concrete work goes beyond creativity. It’s about longevity, stability, and your comfort. We use premium techniques and materials, ensuring your investment remains robust and beautiful for years.


Our Mission

We aim to transform your visions into existing and enduring realities, creating structures and legacies that stand firm against time and nature's forces.


Our Vision

We envision a future where our top residential concrete services in Calabasas CA, continue to shape landscapes and enhance homes like no one else.

Effective Techniques for Robust Concrete Strength

We use effective but compliant techniques to ensure robust and elegant structures. One fundamental technique is formwork, which involves creating molds or frames to hold the concrete in place as it cures, guaranteeing accurate shapes and sizes. Reinforcement, using materials like steel bars, enhances concrete’s strength, making it suitable for heavy loads. Properly mixing concrete ingredients, such as cement, water, and aggregates, ensures consistency and strength. Curing, through techniques like wet curing or curing compounds, promotes hydration and prevents cracks. Finishing methods like troweling, stamping or texturing help us provide the desired appearance and texture.

A Journey Through Concrete: From Site Prep to Curing

First and foremost, site preparation takes center stage, involving excavation and leveling to ensure a solid foundation. Then, we diligently make molds to specify the form and scale of the concrete construction precisely. Afterward, our technicians strategically place steel bars or mesh to improve strength and durability. Mixing concrete accurately is crucial; the right blend of cement, aggregates, and water ensures optimal consistency. Then, we pour the concrete and execute meticulous finishing to achieve a smooth and visually pleasing surface. Curing is the final step, where we allow the concrete to set and strengthen gradually.

Calabasas Best Concrete Services

Etan Home Construction is your premier choice for professional concrete services in Calabasas CA, renowned for quality, efficiency, and reliability for many reasons:

  • Our expert team, armed with cutting-edge technology and unrivaled skills, ensures precision in every project.
  • We specialize in concrete pouring, resurfacing, and stamped concrete, tailoring each service to your specific needs.
  • Our reputation is built on consistent client satisfaction, timely completion, and innovative solutions.
  • Durability and aesthetic appeal converge in our work, offering you a blend of functionality and style that stands the test of time.

Choose us because we hold ourselves to perfection regarding our concrete building.

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Transform your outdoor spaces with our impeccable masonry and professional concrete services in Calabasas CA. From stunning walkways to sturdy retaining walls, we craft durable and eye-catching structures.

Foundation Concrete

The foundation is the backbone of any structure. You can rely on us to provide a reliable and sturdy concrete foundation solution to guarantee the stability and durability of your project.


We create beautifully designed and well-constructed driveways that enhance curb appeal while withstanding daily wear and tear.


Whether for erosion control or landscape aesthetics, our retaining wall solutions are designed to blend seamlessly with your property's surroundings, providing both functionality and visual appeal.

All type of Concrete

We offer all types of concrete services in Calabasas CA, to cater to all your needs. From decorative stamped concrete for patios to concrete paving, we have the expertise to deliver top-quality results.
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Patience is key! Concrete usually cures in about seven days, but waiting 24-48 hours before walking on it is best. Your wait will be worth it!

Yes, stamped concrete is durable and weather-resistant, making it an excellent choice for numerous outdoor spaces.

We recommend proper drainage, regular sealing, and using de-icing agents sparingly to minimize the risk of cracks.

Regular cleaning, resealing every few years, and avoiding heavy impact or sharp objects will help maintain its appearance.

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Proven Durability

As the best provider of concrete services in Calabasas, we use the best methods to ensure your concrete project stands the test of time with minimal maintenance.

why choose us
Ecologically Friendly Solutions

We offer eco-conscious options to minimize environmental impact, including sustainable concrete choices and recycling practices.

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Etan Home Construction is a trusted construction partner in fulfilling your sky-high concrete aspirations by offering professional concrete services in Calabasas CA.

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